Who We Are

About Us:
The Crown Heights Community Mediation Center staff and volunteers work to make our neighborhood safer and healthier for all. The Center works out of its storefront office on Kingston Avenue as well as throughout the neighborhood. At our office we offer resources, referrals, and youth programs, and in the community we run youth development and anti-violence programs. The Crown Heights Community Mediation Center is a project of the Center for Court Innovation.

Below are descriptions of a few of our programs.

Save Our Streets Crown Heights + Save Our Streets Bed-Stuy (S.O.S. Crown Heights + S.O.S. Bed-Stuy)
S.O.S. Crown Heights and S.O.S. Bed-Stuy work to stop shootings and killings within the Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy neighborhoods. The programs focus on several fronts to disrupt violence: S.O.S. Violence Interrupters mediate conflicts on the street, Outreach Workers work with the people most likely to be involved in shooting incidents to change their thinking and behavior, and Hospital Responders meet with victims of gun violence and their families at the emergency department at Kings County Hospital to prevent retaliation and interrupt the cycle of violence. S.O.S. Crown Heights and S.O.S. Bed-Stuy work closely with neighborhood leaders and businesses to promote a public, community-supported campaign against gun violence. S.O.S. has an ongoing and critical collaboration with local clergy. Clergy members assist in mobilizing participation in vigils within 72 hours of an incident, provide counseling, and promote a message of non-violence. 

Make It Happen!
Make It Happen! is a program designed to assist young men of color, ages 16-24, in overcoming challenges related to exposure to violence, poverty, and inadequate role models. Participants are given coaching on their goals and visions for the future. All participants are connected to resources to assist in job readiness and placement, education, housing, and other relevant issues.

Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets (YO S.O.S.)
YO S.O.S. is a youth development program and the youth mobilization arm of S.O.S. Crown Heights. It aims to empower young people to become community leaders and organizers around issues of violence. The program is available to Brooklyn teens, ages 14-17, who are interested in becoming peer educators. Teens from different schools get to know each other, share ideas, and ultimately come up with their own strategies for ending gun violence. In twice-weekly experiential workshops, teens focus on self-empowerment, community outreach, and project implementation. 

Neighbor Services
Staff members are able to make referrals for mental health and substance abuse treatment, benefit eligibility and applications, emergency food and housing options, affordable housing, job training programs, and summer youth programs, and adult education classes. The Center also hosts organizations providing free tax assistance, free health care screenings, and free legal services.

Please join us in our efforts to make Crown Heights an even better and stronger neighborhood! 

You can join our group of volunteers; communicate with us through Facebook, Twitter, or phone; or come by our office during our open hours. We always have something helpful and new going on at the Mediation Center. 

We are located at 256 Kingston Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. We can be reached by calling 718-773-6886 or emailing chcmcblog@gmail.com.